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What is a responsive website?

‘Responsive website design is a common term used within the industry but what is a responsive website design? Check out the information below or download here!’


Isn’t email marketing dead?

I don’t need to use email marketing, that is so old school! WRONG. The statistics speak for themselves, 73% of people prefer email marketing over other forms of marketing communications including direct marketing.


Facebook Terminology

So you have set up a Facebook page for your business and have realised that it is a lot different to the usual page that you use to add friends, like, comment, share crazy videos, stalk people and upload photos. There are all these new words that sounds cool but what do they actually mean? Here is a quick overview of what some of these words mean.


This can be found at the bottom of your post (see below). This number indicates the amount of people who have seen your post from appearing in their newsfeed. As you may notice the reach is not the same number of ‘likes’ you have on your page this is because Facebook only send your post out to a certain percentage of your ‘likes’, the more people that interact with your post (like, comment, share) Facebook will then send it out to more of your followers.

Organic Reach

You can pay to send your post out to more people, if you choose not to do this Facebook shows your reach by ‘organic reach’ indicating that you have not spent any money for people to see your post. The amount of reach that it has received it purely due to the interaction it has received (likes, comments, shares).
If you have put some money behind your post so that it reaches more people both ‘organic reach’ and ‘paid reach’ will appear.

Boost Post
As mentioned above you can pay to send your post out to more people, this is done by clicking ‘boost post’ as you are essentially ‘boosting’ the post to more people so that your reach is higher. You can target your post to certain demographics including age, relationship status, location etc. and how much money you would like to put towards your post.